“Charles Mingus Sextet” – Europe/Scandinavia Tour (1964)

Filmed in Norway on April 12.1964
32:30-54:46 – So Long Eric
56:30-1:11:40 – Orange Was The Colour Of Her Dress,Then Blue Silk
1:13:53-1:16:20 – Parkeriana
1:16:22-1:29:05 – Take The “A” Train(Eric Dolphy on Bass Clarinet)

Charles Mingus on Bass
Eric Dolphy on Sax,Bass Clarinet and Flute
Clifford Jordan on Tenor Sax
Jaki Byard on Piano
Dannie Richmond on Drums
Johnny Coles on Trumpet


“Jazz Workshop In 1965”

“Jazz Piano Workshop (with Earl Hines)” 1965

“Jaki Solo Piano”

“Take The ‘A’ Train” (1964) with Charles Mingus

“Jaki Byard Interview” with Dr. Thom Horning(1985)