“Mellow Septet” (1961) Ron Carter(b), Roy Haynes(d)

“Round Midnight” (1962) Ron Carter(b), Pete LaRoca(d)

“European Episode” (1964)

“Giant Steps”

“Olean Visit / GEB Roll”

“St. Louis Blues” 1967 Elvin Jones(tympani,drums) David Izenzon(bass)

“To My Wife” (1961) Ron Carter(b), Roy Haynes(d)

“Lullaby Of Birdland” (1962) Ron Carter(b), Pete LaRoca(d)

“Daydream/Caravan” (1979)

“Tea For Two” Piano Duet with Ran Blake

“In Your Sweet Way” (1979)

“Trendsition Zildjian” (1967) David Izenzon(b), Elvin Jones(d,tp)

“No Tonic Pres” with Rahsaan Roland Kirk (1965)

“Amarcord” Live in Worchester, Mass. (1983)

“Fuchsia Swing Song” with Sam Rivers (1964)